The Kansas Edge Means a Central Location with Superior Infrastructure
Kansas ranks third in the nation in total road mileage, trailing only the geographically larger states of Texas and California. Not only is the road system extensive, it is well maintained, with 98 percent of Kansas’ interstate system ranking as “very good” or “good.” More than 10,000 miles of roads in Kansas are interstates, U.S. highways or state roads.

There are almost 9,700 Kansas-based motor carriers with intrastate or interstate operating authority licensed to operate in Kansas.

Railroads & Airports
Railroads are an additional strength of the Kansas transportation system, with the state’s nearly 5,000 railway miles ranking sixth in the country. Thanks to BNSF’s new intermodal facility near Kansas City, the state is poised for even more growth in its railway system.

The state is served by two major airports, eight additional commercial airports and 132 general aviation facilities in Kansas.