Engineers are vital to the success of manufacturers across all industries. They provide the skills and expertise that help companies design and build excellent products to meet the needs of their customers. Kansas has implemented a number of innovative programs to support engineering and ensure that companies in the state can hire the engineers that they need to grow their businesses.

Keeping Kansas Competitive Engineering Initiative
The Keeping Kansas Competitive Engineering initiative is providing $210 million in funding during a 10 year period to the state’s professional engineering programs at Kansas State University, the University of Kansas and Wichita State University. From 2012-2021, $3.5 million per year in state funds is being provided for each engineering school, with a dollar-for-dollar match provided by the universities.

This investment is being used to increase engineering graduates in the state. The three universities are working to grow the number of students through increases in scholarships, internship opportunities and professional opportunities for engineers in Kansas, and are working to retain engineering graduates in the state. With the new programs, Kansas universities will have 1,365 engineering graduates per year by 2021.

Innovation Growth Partners

The Innovation Growth partners collaborate to enhance the role of Kansas’ research universities as engines of economic growth. The partners are tasked with leveraging university research to better support commercialization efforts using public-private partnerships.
Partners include Kansas State University, the University of Kansas, Wichita State University, Pittsburg State University, the Advanced Manufacturing Institute, the Bioscience and Technology Business Center, the Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Corporation and the Wichita Technology Corporation.

University Research Grants
Three Kansas universities have been awarded research grants from the state to further support their roles as drivers of economic innovation and growth. Each participating university is pursuing goals unique to the opportunities available through these grants, including an engineering focus at Wichita State University. Through the National Institute for Aviation Research, Wichita State will conduct aviation research through the grant and build upon its status as a leader in engineering expertise for this industry.

Thanks to these initiatives and the strong engineering departments at Kansas universities, the state is well positioned to meet engineering needs now and in the future. Companies that are considering reshoring can be assured that Kansas businesses have access to a pool of talented and innovative engineers to help build world class products and give customers one additional competitive advantage.